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Welcome to the Gator Country Insider "RecruitWiki" where anyone can contribute their lists, news, and information about any prospects the Florida Gators are recruiting.

Here's our current entries: (Looking for something specific? Ask for it!)

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Sounding Board - Ask questions, post thoughts, etc. here...

Florida Official Visits
Position Board/Player Updates
Commitment Map
Photos of UF committed Players
UF, UM, and FSU Commitment List 2006
SEC Commitment List 2006
2006 Roster Breakdown
Recruiting News
Mock Classes 2007
Past Archives
Signed LOIs - UF

Yes, you read us correctly - anyone can edit any page on this site. If you're not familiar with the Wiki concept, feel free to play around in the WikiSandbox and get an idea of how this works. If you want to get right into it, read Creating New Pages. Every page is editable by clicking the "Edit Page" link at the bottom.

BONUS: Those of you who regularly update and add material to the GC RecruitWiki will eventually receive a free subscription to Gator Country Insider!

We need volunteers to help us maintain a forthcoming Recruiting "blog". If you're familiar with the concept and are interested, contact us!

Please do not post copyrighted information here, obviously. It's best to paraphrase. Thanks!

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